Workshop exclusive to Politzer Meeting 2022 delegates and speakers

During POLITZER 2022, Kurz Medical, a leader in passive middle ear prosthesis technology, will be holding a workshop with the aim of giving surgeons the opportunity to handle the different prostheses and surgical instruments specific to middle ear prostheses, with access to best practical techniques for the success of this procedure.

There will be 4 groups of 10 surgeons per day in the mornings of Nov 10 and 11, starting at 8:00 am, with 50 minutes for each group.  Make your reservation clicking on the link below until Nov 7. You will also be able to make your reservation at KURZ´s booth during the event, however it is a first come first serve registration and seats are limited. This activity is FREE and exclusive for fully registered delegates and speakers the 33rd Politzer Society Meeting.

The workshop content, instructors, management and registration are strictly KURZ MEDICAL´s responsibility.

Glad to see you all in São Paulo!